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About SJID

905 122nd Ave SW
Vero Beach, FL 32968

Creation Document:Chapter 65-812

Statutory Authority:Chapter 298, Florida Statutes

Additional Authority: Chapter 189, Florida Statutes

Amending Document: CS/HB 1387 2007 

Date Established: May 14th, 1962

Historic sign for the site of Fort Vinton

District Responsibilities
The District is responsible for drainage, flood control, water management, and reclamation of lands within District boundaries. Pursuant to Florida Statutes (Chapter 298 and 189), its Water Control Plan, and Plan of Reclamation the District owns, controls, condemns, or otherwise acquires lands which are then operated and maintained to fulfill its responsibility, collectively, its "Works".   To perform Works the District acquires, maintains, and sells machinery and equipment; when necessary the District contracts for the construction, operation, and maintenance of works to others.  The District regulates the use of District lands by others.

Works of the District include rights-of-way for canals, laterals, flow ways, pump ditches, sub-laterals and ditches, levees, dikes, sluices, gated structures, culverts, facilities, weirs, pumping stations, buildings and assorted equipment. Plenary powers to acquire, maintain and manage District works are granted by Florida Statutes.               

The Forming of the District
The original District was created by a Decree of Incorporation entered by the Circuit Court in 1963.  The initial vision of the 1963 Plan of Reclamation encompassed all lands now lying within the District boundaries.

The District has been known as St Johns Drainage District, St Johns Water Control District, and since June 2007 as St Johns Improvement District.