Board of Supervisors Meetings

Currently being held in the District offices at 10:00 am.  Board meetings subject to cancellation.

*clickable dates link to meeting agenda*
(pdf of all dates)

Monday, June11th

Monday, May 14th

Monday, April 9th

Monday, March 12th

Monday, February 12th

Monday, January 8th


Monday, December 11th (cancelled)

Monday, November 13th

Monday, October 9th

Monday, September 11th (cancelled)

Monday, August 14th

Monday, July 10th (cancelled)

Monday, June 19th

Monday, May 8th

Monday March 13th

Monday, January 9th


Monday, November 14th

Monday, September 12th

Monday, July 11th

Monday, May 9th

Monday, March 14th

Monday, January 11th

Holiday Closings


Monday, January 1st

Monday, May 28th

Wednesday, July 4th

Monday, September 3rd

Thursday & Friday, November 22nd & 23rd

Tuesday, December 25th


Committee Meetings

Operating Committee

As needed.    Please contact the Board of Supervisors if you are interested in serving on this or any other committee.

905 122nd Ave SW
Vero Beach, FL 32968

Annual Landowners Meeting

Held in the Spring of each year.

2018: Monday, May 14th

2017: Monday, May 8th

9:00 am in the District Offices